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Field Day 

The Field day this year will be the first time we will have a chance to come together in person!!! There is already a test plot growing there which will offer opportunity to see firsthand a number of different types of garlic growing for comparison review.

It will be held at the farm of Felix Furmanek in Arthur, on June 10, 2023.


These are some preliminary details for the day.  10:00am - 4:30pm


A tour of a new garlic curing and storage facility along with a cultivar trial.

Updates in tank mix policies

Fusarium management

Current Presenters: Travis Cranmer OMAFRA

Josh Mosiondz

Colin Smith Andermatt Canada

New Liskeard Spud Lab - Candy Keith

Canada GAP

Tickets Include: Entry, Lunch, Growers Round Table, Speakers, Access to Vendor Marketplace

Member $35

Non Member $45

Kids 13 year to 17 years old $20

Children 12 & Under are Free


Vendor Marketplace tickets: 

$150 - includes, entry, table, lunch, Growers Round Table, Speakers

$250 - includes, entry, table, bring equipment, lunch, Growers Round Table, Speakers, ad on website for the field day and a 5 minute speaking slot on the agenda 

$500 - includes entry, table, equipment, lunch, Growers Round Table, Speakers, ad on the GGAO website for a year and 10 minute speaking slot on the agenda


Jun 10, 10:00 a.m.
Felix Furmanek Farms

Field Day Sponsors


RHIZOVITAL 42 - The good bacteria
for your soil. RhizoVital 42 supports the plant to build a strong and efficient root system, improving its tolerance towards stress (e.g. water deficiency, salinity) caused by unfavourable climatic conditions and field management. 

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