We have been premium gourmet garlic producers since 1978, on the sandy loam fields of our farms located in Brant County
Contact us at 905-386-6412.
Our garlic is delicious and sustainably grown. We've been growing garlic for over 10 years and we'd love to help you get a start in garlic production. We sell garlic seed and fresh whole bulbs for eating.
We sell Ontario grown garlic drop by or contact us. We're located between Fergus and Roodwood
RHIZOVITAL 42 - The good bacteria for your soil
RhizoVital 42 supports the plant to build a strong and efficient root system, improving its tolerance towards stress (e.g. water deficiency, salinity) caused by unfavourable climatic conditions and field management. 

We grow Ontario seed and table garlic,

Clean seed reproduction is our specialty,

Many proven varieties available.

True Nroth Garlic is a producer of premium quality garlic. We offer high quality seed and table stock. We are a GAP certified producer. 
Canadian. Pure. Quality.
If you are a member of the Garlic Growers Association of Ontario and would like to advertise your business here. Please contact us at garlicgrowersofontario@gmail.com
Cost for advertising is $150/yr

Garlic Growers Association of Ontario 

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