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When someone says, "Canadian garlic", Music is the first thing that comes to mind.

This large cloved, easy peeling variety was originally imported from Italy and made popular by Al Music.

Over the years, it has adapted well despite our frigid winter and late spring. 

Music became the standard because it performs consistently, is good at overwintering and has a great flavor. 

For the commercial grower the clove size does come with a trade off, about 1/4 of the crop must be kept to maintain seed for the next season. (Even more if it was a poor year).

After a few decades of popularity there are off course multiple Music types in existence, each one has its differences.

Our selected offering is called Blue Music. Named so because its leaves have a unique bluish hue. Growth is very aggressive. The large tall plants produce huge bulbs with 4-7 giant cloves.

Blue Music is the highest yielding Music type available.

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