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2023 Garlic Clean Seed Program (CSP)

To participate in the CSP do I need to be a member of GGAO? Yes
If I am a member of GGAO, how many roundels can I buy? 200
How much is it per roundel? 1.50 + shipping

Read Clean Seed Article 

by Travis Cranmer

Can I buy more roundels if there are left overs? Yes

It’s been a long journey, but we’re excited to finally be ready for our first year of providing clean seed to our members. If you are interested in purchasing clean seed this year, please completed the form and return it to

Many of you have already expressed your interest in the roundels and I’m keeping track of those. We’re also asking that you identify whether you are interested in the full 200/member roundels and if you are interested in more, should they become available.

Thanks again to Travis Cranmer for his tremendous support of our industry. Travis recently submitted an article on our clean seed program to the grower. You can read it at:

Regular vs bulb from Clean Seed

Update Roundel Pricing Coming Soon.

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